Perth pop artist O’Neill Fernandes covers a beautiful romantic musical piece “State of The Heart”


Bewitching romantic musical piece “Heart condition” covered by O’Neill Fernandes, a perth pop music artist, can transport you to the realm of romanticism.

The is a lover of pop and rock music and a producer O’Neill Fernandes is a fan of the old Australian rock band. This artist recently made a cover of the romantic musical piece Heart conditionwhich is derived from the Australian rock band Mondo Rock, released in 1980. Well, the cover of the album ‘Down Under’ is now streaming on SoundCloud. Listening to the track, I felt that this song offered an upbeat version with a combination of country flavor. The soft synths and subtle layers of detail on the track kept listeners in awe.

Being a music lover, I would like to hear this Perth pop music artist O’Neill Fernandes endlessly. O’Neill Fernandes has always released something special for his fans as he continues to involve a hitting hook in his tracks. However, the musical piece “Heart condition” also offers professional guitar riff and musical sound out of the box. In addition, the use of the electric guitar here reinforces the sensations of the song. The ubiquitous trap beats and honey-soaked candy pop made it more intriguing. This shocking presentation made me follow him on Facebook. Well, right now I’m waiting more to get out!

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