Music producer talks about Kim Seon Ho’s kindness to his team


Taking the huge wave of support for actor Kim Seon Ho a step further, a music video producer revealed the actor’s kind actions to his team. The producer who recognizes himself as a crew member for artist Park Hye Kyung’s music video shared a detailed Instagram note of when he bumped into the “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” actor.

The producer recalled his experience remembering the kindness of the actor when he showed up to appear in the music video for Park Hye Kyung. This was around the time the actor was a regular member of the ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ variety show. After being approached to play the male lead role in the music video, Kim Seon Ho’s agency requested an appropriate amount of compensation for the actor’s feature film, taking into account his current projects, supporters and its overall popularity.

With a strict budget, the producer would have asked for a lower price than what was offered to the team leader of Kim Seon Ho’s agency. Apparently, the team leader responded to the request during the day by saying that the actor would be honored to appear in said sunbaenimthe clip of (senior) without any talent fee.

It comes after a regular return of ads featuring Kim Seon Ho that were pulled after the controversy with his ex-girlfriend broke out. Previously, Korean media had revealed more truth about Kim Seon Ho’s post-abortion story and the actor was reportedly supportive throughout. His theatrical debut in the upcoming “Sad Tropics” movie has also been confirmed, and the actor is set to begin filming this year.

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