Loans for debt consolidation loans

The debt consolidation of Best bank is a solution that allows those who have taken out more than one loan in the past to be able to close them all and have only one to be repaid, at a lower cost than the sum of the installments of the previous loans.

Here are the Best bank debt consolidation solutions

Here are the Best bank debt consolidation solutions

With Best bank both self-employed and employees can apply for consolidation loans. There are two solutions that Best bank provides for this purpose: mortgage consolidation and loan consolidation. Let’s see them in detail throughout the article.

Consolidation loans

Consolidation loans

For employees, this financial company provides Best bank debt consolidation loans ranging from a minimum of 4,000 up to a maximum of 30,000 USD, with a fixed rate and installment for the entire duration of the loan. From the moment of the request to the moment in which it is possible to obtain the amount of money that is needed, only 3 or 4 days pass.

All employees, self-employed persons and pensioners who are aged between 18 and 75, with a working seniority of at least 6 months for employees and at least 2 years for self-employed persons, can request it.

The documents that need to be provided are:

  • last paycheck ( loans to employees )
  • last pension slip ( loans to pensioners )
  • single model ( loans to self-employed and free profeddionists )
  • copy of identity card or passport
  • copy of the tax code

Here are the full features of the financing:

  • minimum amount: $ 4,000
  • maximum amount: $ 30,000
  • refund by bank
  • minimum repayment term: 24 months (2 years)
  • maximum repayment term: 84 months (7 years)

Best bank debt consolidation mortgage

Best bank debt consolidation mortgage

Only for permanent employees, you can apply for loan consolidation Best bank debts in the form of mortgage. In this case, you can have from a minimum of 40,000 USD up to a maximum of 150,000 USD, at a variable rate or at a fixed rate, to be repaid within a maximum of 30 years. The minimum length of work required is 12 months and the installment that can be paid reaches up to 35% of the salary.

Those who have had payment problems and who are looking for bad payers cannot apply, although Best bank offers other types of loans to bad payers, which are also very convenient and comfortable.

The documents that must be provided will be requested, from time to time, at the time of funding. It is also required the lighting of a mortgage on a property.

Here are the full features of the debt consolidation mortgage:

  • minimum amount: $ 40,000
  • maximum amount: $ 150,000
  • refund by bank 
  • minimum repayment term: 18 years
  • maximum repayment term: 30 years
  • possibility of early repayment of the debt, for savings on interest
  • acceptable even if you have other loans in progress