Loan Money for Airpods or New Headphones

Airpods are the smart cordless headphones that are plugged directly into the ears. That way you have no hanger, cord or the like sitting and bothering. The wireless bluetooth headphones have become hugely popular, but unfortunately the price is then too.

The price can quickly be around USD 1,500 – 2,000 depending on the brand and the dealer. If you do not have the money, you can lend money to Airpods online. We’ll tell you a lot more about the opportunities here.

Need money for new Airpods?

Need money for new Airpods?

If you do not have a few thousand dollars for Airpods, then you have the opportunity to finance the purchase through an online consumer loan. Of course, you can also ask the dealer if it is possible to buy on installment, but often a loan will actually be more advantageous.

There are many good options online, but Good Finance and Vivus are the two leaders online. New customers can borrow up to USD 4,000 free of charge from Good Finance. See more and apply to them via the overview:

You can advantageously explore all your options and select the cheapest one. However, it will not be cheaper than if you borrow free from the above providers.

Regardless of who you choose, applying for an online loan is completely free of charge and therefore you can always submit your application to get your personal offer.

Simply fill in the desired amount and down payment period as well as some personal information and you will receive your offer shortly. You can then compare this with, for example, the dealer’s offer on installment, to find the solution with the lowest cost.

That’s why Airpod headphones are so smart


Airpods are a tremendously smart choice for you who often hear music on your phone, watch movies or videos, or may prefer to talk on the phone in headphones. You don’t have to have cables that get stuck or get in your way when you’re running, in the gym, driving a car or similar.

They are also a smart alternative to the larger on-ear or around-ear headphones because they do not charge very much. This is both an advantage when you have them on and when they need to be packed away again, where they can simply be put in the holster in the handbag or pocket.

They also have a number of smart controls for turning the volume up or down, changing the song or picking up the phone directly on the small Airpod without having to find the phone.

Worth knowing about Airpods

Worth knowing about Airpods

You are sure to have a really good sound when you choose Airpods. However, it is clear that the audio experience will not be quite as unique as the best on or around ear headphones, which can provide even better sound quality.

Also, keep in mind that small items easily disappear, which is why you should always keep your Airpods in a holster and be sure to pack them away where you can easily find them.