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Lil uzi vert found himself on the wrong side of a potential legal battle, this after allegedly referring to a controversial cult group via images featured in their upcoming musical releases. Heaven’s Gate, the surviving members of the group in question, are taking legal action after claiming the rapper used their symbol for the cover of his album and single.

Sixth page reports:

A month after surviving cult members criticized the 24-year-old rapper for the alleged Heaven’s Gate-inspired cover of his upcoming album, “Eternal Atake,” the illustration for Uzi’s new single features yet another reference to the Heaven’s Gate. group.

Released early Tuesday morning, “New Patek” artwork features the rapper going through a keyhole – a symbol associated with the infamous suicide cult and prominently featured in his logo.

When contacted for comment by Page Six, the Telah Foundation, which is made up of surviving members of Heaven’s Gate who have been left behind to respond to media inquiries about the cult, said their lawyers had been in contact. with the rapper.

The outlet adds that Telah Foundation officials have employed a legal team to deal with the use of the logo and when pressed by Sixth page, they expressed the hope that the parties can reach a mutual agreement.

Heaven’s Gate was a religious cult started in 1974 by Marshall Applewhite and run with Bonnie Nettles. The group believed that their human existence was drawing to a close and to take it to the next level, they would need to shade their earthly bodies in order to be transported to a spaceship where they would live in total bliss without “mammal” tendencies.

In March 1997, 39 members of the group committed suicide while attempting to hitchhike to a spaceship in the aftermath of Comet Hale-Bopp.

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