Interim credit: what are the solutions?


When you work in a temporary agency, access to credit is sometimes complicated. Since interim credit does not exist as such, it is rather the conditions for obtaining credit that can be problematic. Since temporary work is considered precarious work, often accompanied by irregular income, most credit organizations are not ready to take the risk of lending money. Obtaining an interim loan is not impossible, however. We went around the tracks to follow.

Interim credit: it is possible

Interim credit: it is possible

Interim credit scares credit organizations, who fear the non-reimbursement of fixed monthly payments.

As a general rule, interim credit has the same acceptance conditions as those of CDD credit, which are adapted from conventional rules. The situation is not stable, it will be better to borrow small amounts over short periods.

In the interim, since we may have to change jobs often, it is difficult for a credit organization to plan for long periods. It is this precariousness of interim credit that credit organizations fear. Credit without a permanent contract is often an obstacle course, whether for autoentrepreneurs or temporary workers.

However, a good part of the temporary workers choose this type of career to profit from more advantageous wages and regular changes of companies. For these people, the credit companies will nevertheless consider a length of employment sufficient to leave over longer periods and larger amounts of credit. However, young people under 30 have very little chance of hoping to get a credit loan of 3000 USD.

To get the best rates whatever your profile and your project, you can use our comparator which will allow an evaluation of your request by the organizations offering the cheapest rate.

Interim credit: an alternative

Interim credit: an alternative

As an alternative to traditional interim credit, there is the FASTT (Temporary Social Work Fund) which is an association created by temporary work companies. The latter will propose solutions and help temporary workers to access temporary credit. It will also allow them to access employment and housing. Clearly, he will consider them as employees like the others.

Finally, it should be noted that for the interim loan, the maximum amount granted will be a 10,000 USD loan, for a duration which can range from 12 to 60 months maximum. Then, the applicant must absolutely be on mission during his request for interim credit. He must also have worked at least 450 hours in the past 12 months.

Another important point to know about the FASTT interim credit is that it is far from being the cheapest credit. You can get an idea for yourself by going to their site, but to be even more explicit, we took the example of a car loan of 10,000 USD over 60 months:

Fixed APR rate for FASTT interim credit: 6.71%

Fixed APR rate for the cheapest credit: 5.10%

Interim Credit Opportunities

Interim Credit Opportunities

People working in temporary work find it more difficult to finance their projects. Financing is not however impossible as in the case of a jobless loan. Access to credit is certainly more limited, but there are possibilities.

The credit for temporary workers is possible in different forms. It will finance all kinds of projects and make them happen.

Most often, the most requested type of project is the personal project. Indeed, it concerns both the purchase of household or computer equipment, as well as the financing of a trip or studies. It also relates to the purchase of a used vehicle (automobile, nautical, motorhome or other). The personal loan is a credit without proof of use of the money made available, which makes it the most requested credit.

There is also a work loan that is suitable during development or construction. Unlike the personal loan, it must be accompanied by an estimate from the company or the craftsman who will intervene during the work. It could also be an invoice from a specialized store such as Leroy Merlin or Castorama.

Finally, there is also the car loan which corresponds to the acquisition of a new car. A quote or a delivery note will justify the request for credit, as for the work loan.

You will be able to advance your projects with the interim loan. Just because work varies doesn’t mean you can’t borrow, you just have to adapt to the situation. Again, this is not the easiest situation to get credit.

Find the best rate for interim credit

Find the best rate for interim credit

To be able to benefit from the interim credit, there are many solutions. To avoid tedious steps, we carried out a single questionnaire. Our credit questionnaire is directly connected to the largest credit organizations, allowing us to obtain a broad vision of loan possibilities.

Following this, you will directly get the ranking of the lowest rates practiced at the largest credit agencies. This classification is established beforehand by us, because we compare the different rates for each type of project.