How to pay the debts and not get the name dirty?

Once you fail to pay a debt, you risk having your name included in the credit protection agency’s delinquent register. This temporarily prevents you from getting new credits on the square, especially if you don’t have a plan to be able to pay back arrears.

For many people, having a dirty name is a huge embarrassment, especially when their financial lives run out of strength, such as losing a job or a serious health problem.

In any case, there are a few ways to keep your name from messing up, but even if you end up with a little blemish on the square, there are effective ways to reverse it. Are you curious about keeping your financial life up to date and preventing your name from ending up on debtor lists?


How to pay the debts

Find out why the problem

Prior to the inclusion of the name on the delinquent list, credit protection agencies often send billing notices. At this point you should contact your creditors and check the best way to pay your debts to prevent your name from getting dirty.

You can come up with forms of payment that are right for you, companies generally prefer to maintain a good relationship with customers and negotiate debt amicably. For many, inclusion in the lists occurs only in the latter case, when this is the only way found to receive payment.


Can every doubt get the name dirty?

Yes, but it is noteworthy that the inclusion of the name in this type of registration depends on the type of account made and also on the creditor’s patience in the negotiation. For example, if the bill is for services in the telephone area under the law, the inclusion may be made after 90 days late.

On the other hand, if it is a store installment, the name may be registered on the first day after expiration. There are also cases where creditors understand that default is the result of an unforeseen event and prefer to negotiate a new term for repayment, without the need to be included in the debtor lists.


Does the name only get dirty in SPC organs and Puresa?


Contrary to popular belief, despite being the most popular credit protection bodies, the SPC and Puresa are not the only ones. Doubts can also end up in the Protest Card, bad checks can result in the CCF – Register of Bad Checks Issuers and if the citizen has tax debts, your name can be registered in the Official Journals database.


Can any value be included in SPC?

Do not think that a small debt cannot be recorded. Even a harmless $ 10 account can make your name dirty. What may not be you owe a single installment and have the name registered with the full amount of the purchase. This hurts the Consumer Protection Code. Stay tuned!


Tips for not getting dirty name

Does the name only get dirty in SPC organs and Puresa?

The first and safest step to keeping the name clean is not to get into debt beyond your means. Try to pay your bills on time, thus avoiding the increase of interest, do not buy on impulse, write down your expenses, make good budget planning and strictly control the accounts payable and receivable.

If possible, use financial management tools such as tables, spreadsheets, applications, and mobile platforms. In this, Angel Clarep can help you!


What if my name gets dirty anyway?

If for reasons beyond your will, your name gets dirty, seek out the lender immediately to renegotiate the debt. In trading, consider your monthly payment terms and do not make very high installments. If you have the full amount, try to get discounts for the cash payment. After negotiation, keep your financial life organized and cut down on unnecessary items to honor your lender’s commitment.