“His voice needs to be heard more”


Tomorrow x Together (TXT) praised former Big Hit Music producer turned soloist Adora in light of her solo debut.

Two TXT members, Soobin and Beomgyu, hosted a V Live session yesterday (November 18), where they both listened to Adora’s debut single “Make U Dance”. The song, which was dropped earlier this month, is the first solo single from the former Big Hit Music producer.

Notably, Adora had worked with TXT on a number of their songs while she was an in-house producer with Big Hit Music. She had been credited on several boy band songs, including “Blue Hour”, “Our Summer” and “Maze In The Mirror”, among others.

“She was a fantastic producer,” said Soobin, translated by Koreaboo. Beomgyu agreed, adding, “Personally, I always thought her voice needed to be heard more. Like, more people have to hear his stuff.

The couple then began to remember times when they would receive demo versions of their songs with Adora’s voice on it. “And listening to them, I would literally think, ‘It must be published like this,'” Soobin recalled.

Beomgyu added that the sample version of the songs would sound “like it’s done”. He recounted the thoughts he had while listening to her voice on their songs: “This is his song. It’s already perfect. It must be published as is!

In addition to TXT, Adora had worked with other groups from Big Hit Music and HYBE, such as BTS and the now disbanded Source Music group GFRIEND. Fans with keen ears even noticed her vocals in the background of many songs from the premiere, such as ‘134340’ and ‘Home’.

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