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Mike Vitarelli, better known by his stage name LUSSO, is an American DJ, EDM artist, and music producer based in New York City. He began his career playing on nightclub tours in his hometown of Manhattan, making himself known through regular concerts and parties with people in the industry. LUSSO has become popular on the Manhattan nightclub scene due to its vibrant, relevant music and undeniable charm.

LUSSO started his career as a DJ and adopted his stage name about four years ago. During this time, he also explored the creation of his own music by producing tracks in the house genre, very popular in New York clubs. Since discovering his talent for creating mixes and producing music that could relate to people, LUSSO has invested most of his time in his craft.

In addition to his music career, LUSSO is a day-time businessman, active in the NFT industry. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have been a late addition to LUSSO’s career, as the main focus of his interests is music. He is a regular investor at NFT Now, a company dedicated to content creators looking to take advantage of the industry. LUSSO is also curator of world class NFT through his personal gallery called NFT Everyday.

LUSSO’s adventures as a musician and NFT businessman can be seen through his Instagram page. Incorporating NFTs into music is a trend that has emerged recently as more and more musicians want to incorporate digital arts into their material. It’s also a great way to maximize an artist’s income, and creative minds like LUSSO benefit greatly from this fusion of music and the arts.

As a musician, LUSSO has achieved great successes which he hopes to maintain, if not surpass, in the years to come. He’s won hundreds of thousands of streams on SoundCloud and Spotify, platforms he hopes he will one day dominate. LUSSO has verified accounts on both platforms which means he’s a well-known personality with music heard across the world.

LUSSO has released numerous hits since launching his career, including his first major release titled “Trippin,” a five minute EDM track. Other popular LUSSO releases include “Take a Hold”, “Party People”, “Gimme Some”, “Dance Floor” and his latest track titled “Rude Boy”. In addition, he has worked with several labels and artists, including Brooklyn Fire Records by Tommie Sunshine and Get Twisted by Tough Love.

LUSSO admits that leading the EDM industry is a daunting task, as many young artists have joined in the genre’s popularity. The competition has become tougher, making it difficult for many artists to stand out. Nevertheless, LUSSO remains hopeful that by producing quality music, his artistic talent will soon be discovered by traditional labels and other influential people.

Today, LUSSO continues to perfect his craft and hopes to see his name alongside EDM greats like Martin Garrix and David Guetta. He will stop at nothing to materialize his plans in both his music career and his NFT business. LUSSO plans to build on his fame on social media to maintain his momentum both as a musician and as a businessman. For LUSSO, success in the music industry is possible through hard work and smart decision making.

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