Early Deposit Scam on Loan: Beware!

Sometimes we get red, the bills come in and the salary is gone. Applying for a credit is the way out for many people. Whether to pay off debts or even clear the name. But be careful! Stay tuned for the advance deposit request for loan release. These scams are more common than we think. At the time of the squeeze, sometimes we do not properly research and end up choosing someone who offers almost a “miracle” to have the money.

There are people out there pretending to be corporate or financial, offering easy credit, but in advance of a value so that the loan falls into your account. Get away from this! According to the Careline Bank’s Citizen Service Department, “the early deposit scam is one of the most victims in the country.”

Between January and July this year, the institution received 727 complaints from people who believed in the easy loan, with low interest rates and no paperwork.

Learn more about it and learn how to spot potential fraud.


Where can I borrow

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First, it is important to pay attention to the company in which you apply for the loan. The only institutions that are released to offer this service are financial institutions authorized by the Careline Bank. It is very common to find administrators who do not work as financiers or perform credit operations directly. That is, these companies are correspondent banks. They make a midfield between you and the responsible institution.

This information can be found at the bottom of the site page, in the “how it works” menu or even in the contract. This is a legal and regulated activity. It is therefore important to research where you apply for the credit. Just like banks and physical lenders, there are online banks with the same degree of security. But you have to make sure that the company is serious and licensed by Careline Bank.


Be safe

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Look for security certifications on the site, if the pages on social networks are checked and analyzed the CNPJ, which should be available at the bottom of the financial site. The Claim Here is also a great tool. Search the company and check for fraud complaints or the like. If you don’t find much of your information on the internet, be suspicious!

If you still have questions about where you are applying for the loan, the Careline Bank provides a research facility on institutions, which can be accessed here. The important thing is not to be in doubt when applying for credit. And you know, right, if the company requests advance deposit for loan release, do not accept and report!


Does Poregon Borrow?

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Poregon is proud and responsible for being the largest financial products marketplace in Brazil. In August this year alone, we had over 1.8 million visits to our site. We are committed to bridging the gap between you and your financial institution by making it easy for you to choose a financial product, such as a credit card and digital account, and other upcoming products. Even among these products, we are not responsible for approving or rejecting the request. Our goal is to help you find the right product that suits you and your lifestyle.

It is noteworthy that we do not carry out credit operations and do not offer loans. Any form of credit offer that calls for an early release of money linked to Poregon is a scam! Poregon, besides issuing no credit cards or making loans, does not ask its customers to deposit money into their account or contact us by telephone / WhatsApp to offer financial products. Our platform has security systems and we do not direct your data to third parties. Here at Poregon, you can search, compare and apply for direct credit with the bank without leaving your home!


How to know if the loan is a scam?

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If you are looking for a loan or are a little suspicious of a proposal, check out some tips to avoid falling for scams and end up in injury. Before giving the tip, remember the one from the beginning – if you are asked to deposit an amount into an account and then release the money, this is a crime.

These malicious people say they need to deposit for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Low customer score;
  • Cover notary fees;
  • Bank fees, insurers;
  • As the first installment of the loan.

Anyway, whatever the excuse, don’t go ahead and try to report it to the Careline Bank or the police.


Check out the signs that you may be facing a loan scam:

  • “Messy” sites with various advertisements;
  • Sites that do not display the CNPJ;
  • Credit without paperwork;
  • Very easy to get credit;
  • Interest rates well below market;
  • Advance deposit requirement;
  • Payment of installment in Individual account.

When you come across a loan offer that is too easy, ie without paperwork, low interest rates, etc. stay tuned. Normally, banks and lenders before granting credit to the customer of an analysis. This check is to know if the person can honor the repayment of the loan installments. If it is found that the score is low or the client is negative, the institution may charge higher interest.


Care to avoid the scam

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Remembering everything we saw, write down the tips and if in doubt, never close the deal. Check out the precautions you should take:

  • Typically, do not offer telephone / WhatsApp loans lenders;
  • There is no limit card (some only offer the minimum limit);
  • Check the official website of the company;
  • Look for the security certificate on the site (lock next to the link or stamps at the bottom of the page);
  • Investigate the company at Complain Here;
  • Search for the company at the Careline Bank;
  • No financial institution may make an advance deposit request;
  • Copy the ad or write down the numbers (when you find a loan offer, take a photo of the material, print it, or save the numbers that contacted you).


Is online loan safe?

online loan safe?

The same tips you saw in this post apply to the financial companies offering the online loan. Always before closing the deal, try to know more about the company. There are several financial companies that offer the service over the internet as well as some administrators who provide the service as bank correspondents.

Without leaving home, you can simulate how much you can borrow, know the rates and still close agreement. Always be aware and distrust easy money. And it is worth reinforcing: under no circumstances deposit money into a physical account for loan release!


Review and do not make advance deposit


We know how to boring a situation can be where there is no money to pay the bills or even to be dirty-named. But before availing the loan, it is important to consider it calmly. If you owe it to a company, for example, you can look for it and offer a business. On agreed occasions, some people halved their debt, getting rid of interest and penalties, paying off only the original amount, direct with the lender.

If the deal is not possible and the only way out is the loan, look carefully at the conditions of various banks and financials. Choose the one that offers you a plan with lower interest and installments that you can afford, avoiding turning debt into a snowball. By the way, do you know which loan is best for you? If you don’t know your options yet, I’ve separated you for 6 ways to get credit!

If you still have any questions or if you have received any loan offer that you need to make the advance deposit under the name of Poregon, please contact us here for comments.