DJ Zman, budding electronic music artist from Indiana, surprises audiences with his latest rhythmic compositions


AAchieving perfection in electronic dance music is hard work to accomplish. Few people are able to do this due to their lack of creativity and willingness to explore beyond gender boundaries. You can be assured that this is not the case with the young musician in the making. DJ Zman. Its soundscape is on another level with so much rhythmic complexity performed so deeply but simply. He recently came up with an amazing new number Defendwhich reveals his true mastery of the genre through his authentic and precise use of the most exceptional electronic beats. The constant progression of the rhythmic cadence creates an astonishing symphony that lingers in the air long after you’ve listened to it.

As one of the youngest EDM artists and DJs in the industry, DJ Zman, electronic music artist from Indiana is quickly becoming the number one choice of this generation. His uniquely blended melodies generate real emotions in the hearts of the audience. He uses the most unmatched techniques to mix rhythms and incorporate elements of different genres into his music. One of his most beautiful compositions, Z Mix Vol 4is a fun 45 minute ride with a weave of reverberated melodic strings encapsulated in a constant rhythmic flow. The enticing climbs and descents make the track much more appealing to the public. The epic resonance of the soundtrack takes listeners into a reverie of ultimate acoustic perfection.

As a self-taught musician, DJ Zman has gained valuable knowledge about musical creation through hard work and dedication. From an 11-year-old boy playing music on his iPad to a popular 18-year-old DJ and producer, his musical journey is an inspiration to all. He always makes sure to bring something new to his listeners by exploring different musical forms. His most recent creations, ‘Defend’ and ‘Z Mix Vol 4’ offers global EDM fans a sense of acceptance with its universal acoustic flavor. His other memorable songs are “Z mix Vol 2”, “Z Mix Vol 1”, “Incorruptible” and “Dream Chasing”. Listen to it on SoundCloud and be sure to follow it on Instagram to stay informed of its upcoming work.

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