Cheer Music Producer Patrick Avard (AKA CheerMusicPro)


Atlanta, Georgia, October 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Patrick Avard, the producer behind CheerMusicPro, the most successful cheerleading music artist, has surpassed more than 3.7 million individual streams on Spotify. With a total stream count soon to reach 4 million, this impressive benchmark coincides with a growing interest in cheer music from the general public.

In a previous measurement taken in December 2020, CheerMusicPro’s Spotify account recorded an absolute number of 2 million streams. Now, this latest milestone shows that Patrick Avard has almost doubled his historic number of streams on the platform in less than a year.

In addition, Patrick Avard’s music continues to generate interest on other platforms such as: Apple Music (2 million streams), SoundCloud (41 million streams) and YouTube (45 million streams). In total, Patrick Avard’s work has been broadcast nearly 100 million times on various platforms in recent years.

As a pioneer of the cheer music genre, Patrick Avard’s work has regularly captured the attention of top-level cheer programs across the world, and now, occasional music listeners.

Avard discussed the trend, saying, “I am delighted to see the growing interest in my work and in joy music in general. I look forward to continuing these advancements as people start to see cheer music as its own genre, and there are many great tracks coming out of CheerMusicPro in the months to come.

Listeners can hear the songs that define the genre of CheerMusicPro, by visiting the artist pages on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Sound cloud, and other major streaming platforms.

About Patrick Avard

Patrick Avard is a leading entrepreneur and music producer for the competitive cheerleading industry. Known by his producer name CheerMusicPro, Avard helped establish joy music as its own genre and popularized the music of the sport in an outside market. With his team at New Level Music in Atlanta, Georgia, Patrick Avard continues to expand the footprint of music production in the joy industry.


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