Artist and music producer Ayush Kumar shares highlights from live concerts during lockdown


With the second phase of the pandemic fast approaching, positive corona cases have seen a dramatic increase, followed by different governments imposing full lockdowns on their respective states. Ayush Kumar, an artist and music producer from Jammu and Kashmir is quite optimistic about the opportunities that have opened up for the entertainment industry amid the stringent foreclosure measures that drastically affected the music business in the premiere. phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Most of the artists interact with audiences directly from their homes, using various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This has helped to welcome more people into their live performances and has heightened the artists’ accountability to them. of their fans. ”says Ayush.

The various online platforms have opened up new avenues to compensate for the loss of revenue the industry faced during the first wave of Covid-19. With the strict containment measures and the cancellation of many live concerts, people have started to turn to online music sessions. Ayush Kumar started her live jam on Instagram with fewer followers and fewer audiences, as a first step in resolving to be productive in this crisis. As each live progressed, he gained more fans with his occasional acoustic sessions and more innovative musical experiences to keep his fans engaged.

He says: “People seem to be taking refuge in music as the horrors of the pandemic have started to hit India the hardest. With each live I make sure to try and bring more creative content to my subscribers. ” Ayush Kumar rose to fame with the song “Bharatiya sena” in 2020, which was a tribute to the Indian military, on his own label “TRINETRA Entertainment Inc.” His songs such as “Yaar / Gaddar”, “Dikdok” and “ Soorya ast “became an instant hit among youngsters. Her latest release was” King “which was composed and written during the days of confinement.

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