A Complete List of Musical Works Designed by DONDA by Kanye West


We take a full look at DONDA’s album and unique artwork so far.

While little is known about DONDAÂ’s movements and their relationship to hip-hop, it is evident that through a recent series of album cover designs, they are determined to bring back “art. To hip-hop music.

You won’t find the cover of Lil Wayne’s album on their website, but there you will find a lot of information about the collective. To present them, “Dondaâ € ™ s House, Inc. was designed to provide young people with access to quality arts education. Art and music programs are regularly the first casualty in schools facing budget crises, especially institutions in at-risk communities that directly benefit from access to safe environments and development opportunities. “

This is only one aspect of DONDA. The creative agency that is DONDA is a multidisciplinary company, they don’t just design illustrations for some of your favorite rappers, they’ve expanded beyond to design complete touring sets (the first being the tour ” Watch The Throne “with Kanye and Jay Z), and they were also behind the guerrilla marketing campaign for” New Slaves “- and just today Kim Kardashian unveiled the cover of her book “Selfish”who was, you guessed it, helmed by Yeezy and DONDA.Nevertheless, this list focuses on the single and album illustrations that were commissioned by DONDA.

Their ambition has become the gold standard of creativity in hip-hop, prompting us to take a look at their contribution so far.

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